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Night Tbilisi: What to Watch and Where to Go

If you are going to Tbilisi for the first time, and you want to get maximum impressions from this amazing city, then try visiting the capital of Georgia, and get there especially in the evening or better at night. Why? Because acquaintance with Tbilisi should be started at night.

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If you want to immediately fall in love with Tbilisi and get the most from it, and only then go with this city to family life, come, look around, meet, enjoy it ONLY at night. It is worth starting the night sights inspection of the Georgian capital from the left bank of the Kura River, from the Metekhi district. Where there is a famous temple with the same name, built in the XII century. Under the arches of which the first Georgian martyr is buried, the queen Shushanika Ranskaya. Near the temple stands one of the Tbilisi symbols - a bronze equestrian statue of the city’s founder, Vakhtang Gorgasali.

Narikala Fortress is the place in Tbilisi which every tourist who arrives in the city must visit. Moreover, you can get into by foot, passing along the Metekhinsky bridge across the Kura river, past the Vakhtang Gorgasali monument. Or by using the cable car, the lower station of which is located not far from Metekhi, on the Europe Square in the Park Rike.

And all the main modern “European” architectural Tbilisi innovations are clearly visible: Michael Boettcher Shangri La casino, glass pedestrian’s Bridge of Peace, the Park Rike, cultural center and the President of Georgia’s residence.

Narikala Fortress is a vast fortress complex located on the top of Mtatsminda mountain. Moreover, the current appearance of the fortress largely formed the devastating earthquake of 1827. Tbilisi residents call Narikala "the heart and soul of the city". As judging by historical data, Narikala was built approximately immediately after the founding of the current capital of Georgia, which was in the IV-V century.

Near Narikala, you can see an old Ottoman mosque, originally built in 1723-1735. It is recommended to visit Narikale not only at night, but during the day. Since, for obvious reasons, the entrance to the fortress after sunset is closed, and there is also something to look at inside the fortress. That is why the view on Tbilisi from the walls of Narikala are very interesting during anytime.

Under the fortress, the old quarters of the Old Town which the most modern and glamorous. In the light of the night lights, they look very authentic. However, during the day it is an expensive and renovated hotels and small restaurants. Which, on the one hand, are an order of magnitude difference from the slums rest in the center of Tbilisi, and on the other hand are perceived as an unequivocal replica that contrasts sharply with the ancient walls of the Shuris-Tsikhe citadel towering above them.

A few hundred meters of leisurely pace - and instead of the night silence of Mtatsminda mountain, you find yourself in the noisy variety of one of the most popular tourist places of Tbilisi - the famous Abanotubani quarter, which lives its own separate life around the clock. And the fact that Abanotubani can be simply understood by two things. First, you need to breathe deeply - and you immediately feel the characteristic smell of hydrogen sulfide. Everything is correct - the sulphurous springs are murmuring and emitting a specific "aroma" right under your feet, enclosed in a high arched "embankment" of old stone.

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