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Top of the Most Popular and Visited Sights of Yerevan

There is not a single city in Armenia that can boast such a bright cultural heritage as Yerevan. For centuries, it changed its name and architectural silhouette, remained one of the largest military strongholds with a system of fortifications, a religious center. In Yerevan, you can see the ruins of the Erebuni fortress, Katoghike churches, Zoravor, personifying different epochs of the development of the territory. But next to these historical gems there are many modern interesting things: parks, sculptures, squares, the Yerevan’s best casinos.

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Architectural complex "Grand Cascade". The map with the sights of Yerevan reflects the whole scale of a unique structure, which combines extensive stairways, original sculptural groups, green corners and fountains.

Opera and Ballet Theater, designed by A. Tamanyan. Its unique style is complemented by a large baroque park and magnificent Swan Lake. Alone with nature, you can spend some pleasant moments waiting for the performance.

Ancient churches of Yerevan. Photos of Yerevan sights are hardly able to convey the majestic beauty of the Blue Mosque, the complexes of St. Hakob, sv. Katogike.
The architectural center of the capital. The Republic Square is bordered by traditional tuff and basalt buildings for Yerevan. Elegant buildings are concentrated along Abovyan street: here the Neo-Mauritanian style meets art nouveau, and modern - with lush classics. The rating of sights of Yerevan with descriptions in Russian does not go without bright architectural wonders!

The ruins of the Erebuni fortress are preserved fragments of the ancient culture of Urartu. More than 100 hectares of magnificent palace galleries, outbuildings with cuneiform historical monuments are at the service of travelers.

Yerevan includes a lot of nice places for walking: Lovers' Park, Tsitsernakaberd Plateau, state museums, famous art galleries and manuscripts storerooms.
If you have already seen Yerevan beautiful photos (including a photo of Yerevan at night), then you understand that you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the capital, catch its wayward character and add a couple of places for your taste to the travel plan.

Excursions in Yerevan are always pleasant discoveries and unexpected impressions!

For true gourmets - an excursion to the Yerevan Brandy Factory, founded in 1887. The program involves visiting storage rooms, stories about the history, methods of beverages production and, of course, tasting. Products can be bought in the factory shop.

For history lovers - special excursion programs, which help to trace the history from ancient Erebuni to the modern Armenian capital.

For each and everyone – Yerevan sightseeing tour. The bus tour is great for a first acquaintance with the city. With an average duration of 5 hours, it covers all the iconic places of the capital - from the Cascade to the Museum of History and the Matenadaran.

Republic Square - one of the city central attractions. And it is a good idea to start your trop around Yerevan from here, by capturing the cozy Artbridge Bookstore cafe, the restaurant Chrents, 28, the Vernissage flea market. It is convenient to walk through the famous Abovyan street with many architectural wonders and the oldest Sayat-Nova Avenue to the S. Paradzhanov House-Museum.

In the evening it is worth going out of town. Near the border of Yerevan is one of the most respected entertainment complexes - Shangri La. This is Michael Boettcher’s Storm International unit, Darren Keane is Storm International Director. The establishment operates in a VIP niche, offers an exquisite rest in the casino halls and in the restaurant with author’s cuisine. The place is very popular with local connoisseurs, as well as with foreign guests, said Darren Keane, Storm International.

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