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Tourist Holiday in Riga: Where to Go

Riga is not only the largest city in Latvia, but also in the entire Baltic. And in its region in terms of population, it is the third, only after St. Petersburg and Stockholm. But, of course, numerous tourists coming to the capital of Latvia are not attracted by this fact, but by its many sights. And some of the travelers are going to combine sightseeing and gambling recreation, as gambling houses are legalized in the country, and network units like Storm International by Michael Boettcher are working.

Tourist Holiday in Riga

Rest in Riga is an opportunity to see such architecture‘s masterpieces as the Church of St. Peter, the Dome Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. James, built respectively in 1209, 1211 and 1225. That is, these three historical and architectural monuments are practically the same age as the famous Paris Cathedral of Notre Damme!

But this is only a small fraction of what can be seen in Riga. There is the Riga Castle here, which is now the residence of the country’s President, the Powder Tower, the House of Blackheads, and many other interesting sights. Be sure to look at the Cat House in the Old Town - an ancient building of the early 20th century, the two towers spiers are decorated with black cat figures, you learn from the guide an interesting history of this landmark.

If rest for you is a cultural enrichment and an opportunity to learn something new, then Riga will not disappoint you. The city has many museums. These are the Military Museum, the Museum of the History of the Latvian Railway, the Riga Motor Museum, the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, the Art Museum and many others.

But rest in Riga is, of course, not only excursions to its interesting places. The capital of Latvia is a large, modern city with many cultural and entertainment facilities. These are, first of all, the Latvian National Theater, the Riga State Operetta Theater, the Latvian National Opera and the Riga Chekhov Russian Theater. If you are relaxing in this city with children, be sure to visit the Latvian Puppet Theater, as well as the Riga Zoo.

If you come to rest in Riga in the summer, you will surely get to one of the many music festivals held at this time of the year: from classical opera to modern jazz and rock. Fans of more mundane leisure will not be disappointed too. Many restaurants, bars and casinos can be found here said Darren Keane, Storm International. They will be happy to take tourists to show how memorable the rest in Riga can be! Prices, of course, will also be remembered... However, they are still lower than in such European capitals as Paris, Vienna, Rome, London, etc.

And if you are tired of the influx of impressions, visit one of the many parks in Riga and just sit on the bench, admiring the surrounding nature. It can be Vermansky Park - the oldest park in the city, and Victory Park, famous for its landscape design, and Viestura Garden, founded by Peter I. In total, there are more than ten parks in the city that diversify your stay in Riga, the cost of which will be immeasurably less than the cost of rest in a casino and probably with more benefits. But as they say, no accounting for taste.

In conclusion. Riga is a beautiful city with its indescribable aura. And to feel it, just walk through the old, cobbled streets of the old city. Walk through the places where the heavy boots of Peter I and the light shoes of Anna Kern, sung in Pushkin's poems, have stepped on. Breathe in the air of Riga, and gradually the charm of this city, intoxicating like the Riga balm, will fill you. Then you can say that you visited Riga!

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